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Our services are based on decades of experience in several areas of the political process. This means we can quickly focus your efforts on the most successful path. We offer a wide choice of services: but, totally customized delivery. Start small, or, dive right in. We are here to support you meet your goals.

Get captivating & engaging content
for speeches, sound bites & social media

From staying on message to getting quoted to keeping your supporters engaged, content is critical. It is also difficult to keep it fresh, relevant and true to your campaign.

We provide powerful & persuasive content for all your different communication vehicles --- and make it sound just like you.
Choose speech segments like anecdotes, stats or humour. Opt for a 9-second sound bite, or, let us keep your social media fresh and engaging. Ask for just a few items:ask for a lot.. This is a simple way to get to know us.

Choose strategy & skill improvement options
to match your goals, schedule & budget

Today's technology allows us to augment our face-to-face consulting with a variety of low-cost, time-saving virtual options. Many are available for individual input; but, several are provided in group mode for maximum cost saving. The combined telephone and online personal consulting option is a client favourite.

Option Individual Group
Personal immersion strategyy & skill building session
Personal phone &   online consultation
Video review
Website or social media review

All options focus on approaches customized to maximize on your strengths.. They also vary in price and time required. Contact us for a free consultation to determinine your needs and options,. We take great pride in your success.

Optimize your time & impact
with an intensive two-day immersion

Our two day sessions allow us to intensively focus your approach and improve your communications skills. Your campaign manager or political aide is encouraged to attend most of these elements:

  • setting realistic goals
  • strategies to live by
  • skills and presentations to engage people and convince voters
  • your personal action plan

In this busy election time, there are a limited number of these sessions available. . . . but, we do work weekends if that is more convenient for you. After all, it's about you. So, our sessions can be totally confidential if you prefer.Email us orcontact us by telephone or mention 'mimersion session' in the webform.. Let's get you started.

Evolve from prime candidate to influential legislator
as part of our thought-leader circle

Domestically and internationally,

  • stay on top of the issues you are most passionate about:
  • keep up with economic, social and political trends
  • develop your ability to influence the agenda

The world desparately needs strong, thoughtful leaders. Our goal is to develop them and support them.. We provide compact tightly focused information. We develop your debating skills and your backroom abilities. We keep you in touch with the real world.Sitting members can request details.Let's make this an even better place to live.