Become a Confident & Persuasive Speaker

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Our graduates constantly make us proud.
As politicians, advocates, association leaders, scientists and business leaders,
they have utilized their enhanced speaking skills
to significantly advance their causes and their careers.

Their speeches are persuasive because they are based on solid facts and arguments.
They get commitment and action from colleagues, staffers, volunteers and voters because they present their speeches in their own authentic style.

Can you spot one of them? We hope not. Because our team works with each individual to develop a unique style and approach that reflects that persons's strengths and goals. We want you to sound like you --- just more persuasively.

In fact, we have been helping successful politicians and business people for over three decades in four countries to be just that.

Our primary coach is an internationally acclaimed professional speaker who has e strong personal background in both the political and governmental spheres. And, full disclosure, we are all political junkies.

Here is one client's story

We were recruited to boost the impact and engagement of a 'breakthrough' leadership candidate running for the second highest position in his country. His supporters asked us to revamp his speeches and help him excel in interviews.

He had a big ego and the formal style of his constituency: he also had a gold pen prominently displayed in his pocket.

What did that pen tell us?      It told us this was a man who valued his dignity and his social position.

What we also knew, however, was that this was a man who wanted to help those who had neither. He had moved into politics from a successful medical practice to try to improve services for those he felt were being left behind. Yet, he did not put that caring and compassion on display.

Our task was to help him meet his leadership and social goals by becoming an excellent communicator who gave dignified speeches and interviews laced with
  • understanding of all political issues,
  • concern for all his constituents and
  • practical solutions for pressing problems.

    Here is how we combined our expertise with his commitment and efforts to make it happen: We honed his      
    • we strengthened and firmed his voice both by increasing his confidence,and, by a series of exercises
    • we made his speeches less ponderous by including short sentences - all in active voice. Including questions also helped to engage his listeners. Yet, we did not particularly alter his vocabulary because it signified education in a constituency which valued good schooling,
    • to infuse his speeches and interviews with some energy and excitement, we focused on his pace and pause. This also automatically added variety to his volume.
    • One of the most powerful ways of connecting with your audience is through stories or examples. We tasked his handlers to find a variety of 'homegrown' examples to highlight his basic talking points. He also considered our suggestion of the parable format since people love stories.,
    • our toughest challenge was to have him include gestures which did not look contrived. We overcame his reluctance by giving him a simple exercise of describe his physical surroundings. Once he realized that gestures are a natural part of communicating, he rapidly embraced the concept
    • and
    • movements to match that pen
    --- or, rather, what that pen stood for: dignity, intelligence (he was an MD in real life) and caring.

    The pen also implied that he was a person who had achieved success and leadership, so, he could lead the party to victory. Our script and his new polished style worked to prove it.

  • You, too, can become a Confident & Persuasive Speaker.
    Let us find your authentic voice and show you how to make it resonate.

    Check out our learning options, below, then call us at 888-929-8787 to discuss how we might work together.



    Our full immersion session lets you hit the ground running. Or develop your strategies and skills over time via online, email & phone interactions. We will work with your schedule


    Teleseminars & webinars offer an economical option for skill and strategy development. They are scheduled more regularly prior to general elections.


    Options range from creative outlines (eg. a parable), through segments on issues, anecdotes, humour or pathos, to a full text with choreography


    This is a great way to get started.  Post your presentation online or send us a DVD and we will offer you positive suggestions on both your content and your style.


    Today's campaigns demand a strong social media presence; and, social media demand constantly new material. We provide images, quotes, comments & 'your' wisdom in 140 characters or a complete article. We'll even post them.


    Either Norm or Niki will motivate your troops and send them back out with new energy and new ways to approach the campaign challenges.


    Check the website for Tips & Techniques and follow our blog postings.


    For those who want to constantly improve their skills and approach to serve their constituents, their party and their country.

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