Rely on Us Over the Long Term

Long term support as you move from maiden speech to committee involvement to leadership roles.

As with any career, your aspirations and needs change with your experiences. Our role is to provide you with the strategies, skills and communications vehicle to evolve your political brand. . . and to fulfill your aspirations.

For those of you who have decided to devote your life to public service as legislators, we applaud you. Your community and your country desperately need good people to keep us on a path of solid economic development and responsible social policy.

Yet you have chosen a very taxing avocation.

Not only does a political career put pressure on you and your family; but, the the goals you set when you chose this path often get blurred by party politics and by the impossibility to ""please all of the people all of the time"". This is not new, since that quoted part comes from John Lydgate, a poet from the 14th century.

What may be new is that you have people like us to help you chart a path through the murky waters and optimize your efforts and results.

Our role is to make your job a little bit easier by acting as a sounding board, providing useful strategies and techniques and pointing out the light(s) at the end of the various tunnels in which you find yourself.

Specific Support includes:

  • Keeping You Focused on the Bigger Picture
    As you know all too well, the pressure cooker atmoshere of any governing center constantly draws you into the 'bubble' where the only discussions and concerns are about the latest coup or crisis. It is incredibly difficult to fight that frenzy and remember why you ran for office in the first place.

    Along with your constituency people, we help keep you grounded. But, we also make sure you are following your own path. Our regular sessions are designed to help you pause, refocus and get back into the fray refreshed and re-energized
  • The SOS Service
    Going into a critical meeting where you are in unfamiliar ground, and, don't know what questions to ask? Have a raally short notice for a speech to a key constituency group? Have a speech or meeting on a super sensitive topic and don't want to miscue?
    Breathe easier. You will have our direct phone line and we will either walk you through or provide you with the scripts you need to make a positive impact.
  • 'Retainer' Service
    Depending on your need, we provide a specific number of speeches, 'speechlets', sound bites and interview or audio/video scripts throughout each year.

This long term service is limited to a very few people

As you can see from the list above, this is an intensive effort, so, in order to provide excellent service to those we accept, we limit the number of people we work with. The number does vary, however, depending upon the needs of present clients. So, if you could benefit from our ongoing support, please contact us to discuss a possible arrangement.


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