Writing Services for Candidates & Sitting Members

We provide powerful & persuasive content for many of your different communication needs
--- speeches, interviews, policy, constituency communication targeted to each audience ---
and we make it sound just like you --- at your best.
From staying on message to getting quoted to keeping your supporters engaged, content is critical. It is also difficult to keep it fresh, relevant and true to your campaign. Get thoughtful and engaging material to keep your campaign and career on an upward trend:

Check out the options below:


Our master speech writer has written for members in a variety of parties in 5 countries. He is, himself, an internationally acclaimed professional speaker; and, is backed by a research team who regularly accesses leading edge materials affecting the issues confronting today's politicians in every country.

Thoughtful or firebrand: the choice is yours. Either way, you will receive a well reasoned text written in your 'voice', targeted to a specific audience; and, the text will include all the elements outlined in Speech Segments, below,

Options range from creative outlines (eg. a parable), through segments on issues, anecdotes, humour or pathos, to a full text with choreography. It will be on deadline & on budget.


Don't need a whole speech written? Just want some special elements for credibility or audience engagement? Speech Segments come in 4 flavours: issue & policy discussions, pertinent audience references, motivational segments and 'sparklers'.

POLICY SEGMENTS No time to put together a thoughtful piece on an issue? We can do the research, develop the arguments and wrap it in your slant.
AUDIENCE SEGMENTSNeed some examples or history on an upcoming audience to make your speech relate to them? We are good at finding the information and phrasing it to resonate with listeners.
MOTIVATIONAL SEGMENTSWant a speech to be memorable? We'll take your audience on an emotional trip through nostalgia, excitement, concern, laughter and a desire to make this a better world by supporting you.
SPARKLERShave us add speech 'sparklers' like anecdotes, quotes, stats or humour to your present text.

If you aren't sure what extras you need, we also have a video or script review service.


NINE (9) SECONDS! That is the time experts say you now have to make your point in interviews and even conversations with constituents. Yet, it is an incredible opportunity to be the 'go-to' person for the media and to be remembered by constituents."

This compacted time frame requires a very specialized kind of thinking and writing:
  • It must above all be memorable.
  • It must fit, naturally, into a range of discussions without becoming boring.
  • It must also, as Twitter has taught us be 'appropriate'.
  • Add to that, it must actually sound like you.

That's a tall order for just 9 seconds. Fortunately, we love this challenge.


Make your policy statement convincing, coherent and easy to absorb. We can provide you with a framework, or, write the entire document.


Contact us to discuss how we can advance your impact and image.